Save the Clown

Save the Kids

In the late 1980's, Mike Guido created and became The World's Fastest Clown. His goal was to develop a real life cartoon character that would target elementary school children as a national drug prevention campaign. By combining both his racing and clowning careers, The World's Fastest Clown came to life!
In 1991, through the full factory support of the Nissan Motor Corp. in the USA, The World's Fastest Clown campaign quickly became the number one rated elementary school drug prevention campaign in America. The World's Fastest Clown performed his Be Drug Free! Magic Show and raced in IMSA events in full clown attire across the U.S. and Canada.
At the end of the 1992 racing season, Nissan dropped all of their factory supported road racing programs, including the 4 time World Champion GTP team. This meant another sponsor was needed to continue the prevention campaign.

Guido tried to continue for the next few years. He searched for a caring corporation like Nissan to get the campaign back in the schools and on the track. Guido quickly learned that political correctness within corporate America made it almost impossible for a company to support a campaign that's against the gateway drugs, alcohol and tobacco, even though he targets elementary school children. He also found that the government supported campaigns were run by "experts" that continued to say, "This is cute what you're doing, but, let the experts take care of the problem."

Now, fast forward 15 years and let's see where we are. The government has successfully spent hundreds of millions of dollars, campaigns have come and gone, "experts" have moved on to other jobs, and kids are still drinking and smoking as early as elementary school. 

Why God Save The Clown? When it comes to drug prevention programs, our country has failed. So, it seems that only a higher power could bring back The World's Fastest Clown. Of course that is figurative only, and Guido is offering a chance to create a nationwide campaign that children can grow up with and choose to be drug free. "Everybody else had their chance. They spent a lot of money and a lot of time, and didn't make much, if any, difference. I would like a turn to show how it's done at a fraction of the cost of any of the past national campaigns." states Guido.

Guido spent 4 years and over 4,000 hours building a car (Minissan) that would bring him international coverage to get this website out to the public.

To see and learn more about The World's Fastest Clown, go to his website that was designed towards tobacco prevention. You can also watch his promotional video on You Tube (watch in high quality).

If you know of a better national elementary school drug prevention campaign, get behind it, if you don't, get behind The World's Fastest Clown. Contact Mike Guido at if you would like to help bring this campaign back to the kids.

If you're sponsoring a race team that only gets big media coverage when they crash, or if TV viewers only get a glimpse of them when they get lapped, you deserve more, team up with the most colorful driver in motorsports, The World's Fastest Clown!

Prevention is elementary, not secondary.